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If you’re looking for a swanky nail salon, you can choose Star Nails. The nail salon offers high-quality nail services and offers both manicure and pedicure at affordable prices. You can also use their phone number to make an appointment.

Star Nails Prices

The costs vary, so you’ll have to decide which one suits your needs best. And you won’t be disappointed. No matter what your budget is, you can get a great manicure and a beautiful set of nails at the salon.

Basic Pedicure $30.00
French Pedicure $35.00
French Pedicure $35.00
Star Spa Pedicure $45.00
Green Tea SPA Pedicure $55.00
Silky Milk Pedicure $65.00
Organic Spa Pedicure $75.00

Star Nails Prices For Manicure

The prices are very affordable, but you might find that you need to pay extra for a few extra services. You can ask about the cost of additional services and how they affect the overall price of the manicure. Generally, the service charges are set by the type of service you want.

Basic Manicure $15.00
Keratin Manicure $20.00
Buff Manicure $20.00
French Manicure $20.00
Spa Manicure $28.00
Color Gel Manicure $30.00
Color Gel French Manicure $40.00

Star Nails Prices For Kids Service

Kid’s Manicure $10.00
Kid’s Pedicure $20.00
Kid’s Change Polish (feet) $10.00

Star Nails Prices For Add-ons

Callus Eliminator Treatment $8.00&up
French Lines $5.00&up

Star Nails Prices For Styling

Star Nails Prices For Artificial Nails

UV Gel Extension French $90.00
UV Gel French Set $75.00
UV Gel Extension Set $65.00
UV Gel Set $55.00
UV Gel French Fill-ins $45.00
UV Gel Fill-ins $30.00
Powder Fill-ins $30.00
Regular Tips $40.00
White Tips $55.00
Silk Wrap Set $55.00
Silk Extensions $65.00

Star Nails Hours

Day Start End
Monday 9:30AM 7:00PM
Tuesday 9:30AM 7:00PM
Wednesday 9:30AM 7:00PM
Thusday 9:30AM 7:00PM
Friday 9:30AM 7:00PM
Saturday 9:30AM 7:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM 6:00PM

Star Nails Near Me Locations

The salons are located across the country, and they offer quality nail services. They use products that protect the nails and are safe for long-term use. You can even book appointments online. You can even schedule a consultation online.

If you want to get the perfect nails, you need to know the rules before a visit to Star Nails Salon. They offer manicure and pedicure services and accept all major credit cards.

This salon is located in the city of Santa Monica. You can also get a manicure or pedicure at a reasonable price.

Accepts Cards

And since they accept all major credit cards, you’ll have a smooth time paying. In addition, you’ll be able to meet many cyclists and runners at the salon.

Friendly Environment

You’ll be greeted by friendly employees, and you can even call the salon to make an appointment. There’s a large parking lot available nearby. They also have bike racks for your convenience.

Weekends Availability

The technicians at Star Nails Salon are available on weekends, making it easy for you to get a manicure on a sunny Sunday. The staff is friendly and never gets tired of meeting Customers. They are a great place to go if you’re looking for a fast, affordable manicure.

In addition to providing manicure and pedicure services, the salon also offers a number of services. You can choose from a basic pedicure or a star pedicure.

What are the costs of a pedicure?

These pedicures are priced at around $30, and you can have them at any time of the day.

What are the costs of a manicure?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices of the salon. You can get a basic adult manicure for $15, but you can also get more elaborate services for $20.

And if you’re shopping for a family gift for your kids, you’ll be able to find an affordable option. You can find a great deal at Star Nails. You’ll love the beautiful nail art and the prices for the services offered at the salon.


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