Roosters Men’s Grooming Prices Hours Locations

The Roosters Men’s Grooming Salon is a modern barbershop with a traditional feel. The staff is highly skilled and offers a wide variety of haircuts and shaves.

The barbers at Roosters are well-versed in the latest trimming techniques. The barbershop also offers a wide range of grooming services for boys. The atmosphere at Roosters is upscale, with classic wood styling and comfortable chairs.

Roosters Men’s Grooming Prices

Basic Services pricing

Roosters Club Cut $29
Signature 7 Step Facial Shave $25
Gentlemen’s Choice $49
Professional Hero Cut $24
Young Man’s Cut $19
Headshave $25
Neck Trim $0
Beard Trim $15
Hi-Lighting (Starting Price) $44
Camouflage (Starting Price) $26

The Roosters Men’s Grooming shop provides its clients with a wide range of hair and grooming services.

The signature 7-Step Facial Shave starts with a hot towel treatment and continues with a close shave.

Then, the stylist will massage the skin with a warm towel and finish the process with a soothing aftershave. Other services include beard trim, highlights, and a color camouflage treatment.

Roosters Men’s Grooming Hours

Days Hours
Monday 10 AM–7 PM
Tuesday 10 AM–7 PM
Wednesday 10 AM–7 PM
Thursday 10 AM–7 PM
Friday 9 AM–7 PM
Saturday 9 AM–6 PM
Sunday 12 AM–5 PM


Roosters Men’s Grooming Locations


For young men, Roosters Men’s Grooming offers a Young Man’s Cut. This special service includes a cut, wash, and hair color treatment.

It takes about 25 minutes to complete and is designed to meet the needs of young men. The Roosters also offers haircuts for kids and the Young Man’s Club Cut. You can also get a beard trim or color camouflage and highlight your hair for an even more striking look.

Roosters Mens Grooming salon

Roosters Men’s Grooming offers a full range of grooming services for men. The salon offers hair waxing, haircuts, and other services.

They even offer manicure and pedicure services. The Roosters men’s grooming salon is proud to carry Aveda men’s grooming products. Whether you’re looking for an affordable haircut or an up-to-date trim, Roosters is a great option.

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