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A Palm Beach Tan franchise offers several training options. Franchisees can choose from in-person training or online courses. Initial training focuses on product knowledge and meeting customer needs.

The company also offers a modular training system that covers the various necessary skills and trademarks. While the costs for starting a Palm Beach Tan franchise will vary, the initial investment will be significantly less than the costs of opening a salon.

This allows for a faster ROI than a franchised location would require.

Palm Beach Tan Prices

Monthly Plans

$20 Start-Up Fee
Bronze Sunbed Tanning $19.95
Silver Sunbed Tanning $29.95
Gold Sunbed Tanning $49.95
Platinum Sunbed Tanning $59.95
Diamond Sunbed Tanning $109.95
Bronze Sunbed Tanning (Flex) $29.95
Silver Sunbed Tanning (Flex) $39.95
Gold Sunbed Tanning (Flex) $59.95
Platinum Sunbed Tanning (Flex) $69.95
Diamond Sunbed Tanning (Flex) $119.95

Upgrade Sessions

One Time Session Fees

Bronze to Silver Session $7.50
Bronze to Gold Session $15
Bronze to Platinum Session $22.50
Bronze to Diamond Session $30
Silver to Gold Session $8
Silver to Platinum Session $12
Silver to Diamond Session $14
Gold to Platinum Session $10
Gold to Diamond Session $12
Platinum to Diamond Session $10

One Time Session For Monthly Plans

Sunless (One Time Session) $35
Versapro (One Time Session) $40

Sunless Memberships

Sunless Silver (One Session Per Month) $25
Sunless Gold (Unlimited Sessions) $69.95
Sunless Platinum (Unlimited Sessions) $79.95
Sunless Diamond (Unlimited Sessions) $89.95

Sunless Single Sessions

Premier Membership

Versaspa-Moist (Premier Membership) $35
Mystic-Dark (Premier Membership) $35
Versapro (Premier Membership) $40
Versaspa-Moist (2 Pack) (Premier Membership) $50
Mystic-Dark (2 Pack) (Premier Membership) $50
Versapro (2 Pack) (Premier Membership) $60

Non Premier Membership

Versaspa-Moist $45
Mystic-Dark $45
Versapro $50
Versaspa-Moist (2 Pack) $70
Mystic-Dark (2 Pack) $70
Versapro (2 Pack) $80

Mystic Additives


Bronzeboost (Walk-In) $2
Triple Bronzeboost (Walk-In) $5
Hypertan / Accelerator (Walk-In) $7
Mystic Myxers Fragrance (Walk-In) $2.25

Premier (Excluding Diamond)

Bronzeboost (Premier) $1
Triple Bronzeboost (Premier) $4
Hypertan / Accelerator (Premier) $7
Mystic Myxers Fragrance (Premier) $2.25

Diamond & Sunless Members

Bronzeboost (Diamond & Sunless Members) $0
Triple Bronzeboost (Diamond & Sunless Members) $3
Hypertan / Accelerator (Diamond & Sunless Members) $7
Mystic Myxers Fragrance (Diamond & Sunless Members) $2.25

Palm Beach Tan Expands locations

With more than 550 franchised and company-owned salons across 32 states, Palm Beach Tan is on the move to expand. Through new construction, acquisitions, and franchise growth, Palm Beach has nearly doubled its footprint over the last seven years.

The additional locations will be operated by veteran franchise operators. The company currently operates 15 locations in Arkansas and 21 in Ohio. There is also a brand-new location in Marysville, Ohio, which is under construction.

Palm Beach Tan Hours

Days Hours
Monday 10:00 AM–8:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM–8:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM–8:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM–8:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM–8:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM–7:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM–7:00 PM

The Palm Beach Tan franchise is made up of a network of tanning salons that operate under the Palm Beach Tan, Planet tan, and Sunsational Premier brands. Each of the brands provides sunbed tanning lotions and spray tans to its franchisees.

Palm Beach Tan Near Me Locations


In addition to sunbeds, the company also offers tanning products and sunless tanning services. The company’s locations are based in Dallas, Texas, but there are also other franchised locations nationwide.

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