Great Clips Prices Latest

Great clips Haircut Price Starts from $22 for Adult Men and Women and it costs $19 for Kids. Great clips Offer a lot of other Services so prices may increase according to them. If you want to know complete pricing details we are sharing them below.

This Pricing structure is applicable to all areas and branches in the United States. We have confirmed this by visiting 3 Salon Branches in different cities.

Great Clips Prices for Haircut

Kids Haircut Pricing $19.00
Men Haircut Pricing $22.00
Women Haircut Pricing $22.00
65+ seniors Pricing $19.00

Style Prices

Formal $45.00
Regular $20.00
Long $30.00


Long Perm $75.00
Partial Perm $35.00
Regular Perm $60.00


Conditioning Treatment $13.00
Shampoo $4.00
Bang, Neck, or Beard Trim $5.00


Discounted Prices:

As we know Great Clips is a big chain of Salons with a lot of branches so they usually provide discounts Vouchers Promos and coupons for specific branches.

where they have fewer customers you can grab these discount coupons by visiting the official website or any other discount apps that also provide these discount codes.

If you don’t have a time shortage you can get Great Clips services at reasonable prices with the help of these voucher codes.

Great Clips Tips

Why you should give tips?

how much you should give tips?

If you like the work of the hairdresser or stylist, It is great to give him a tip from 10% to 30% of the actual pricing. it will help you to build a good relationship with the hairdresser and he will remember you and your priorities on your next visits.

My Personal Experience at Great Clips

In my personal experience Pricing is reasonable at Great Clips as compared to their services. They have experienced stylists and their behavior is really professional compared to other local salons.

Sanitation and tools also have great quality and they have comfortable chairs and sitting areas in almost all the branches.

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